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Wedding Aisle

Meet Me My Love

Event Management + Day of Coordination

Tier 1

This is for the “true” DIY Couple!  Perfect for the couple who enjoys DIY projects and the wedding planning process. Has all or the vast majority of the wedding vendors in place and is now in the final weeks of the wedding journey,

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Two Souls- Two Hearts

Partial Services Package

Tier 2

This is best suited for the couples who have already planned and/secured some of the aspects of their wedding [i.e. venue, some of the vendors, basic plans, etc.] but need help planning and coordinating all the event details for the wedding day


Becoming One

Full Planning Services

Tier 3


This package is ideal for busy couples who just want someone to take care of the details and process of creating an exceptional & personalized event!  This is also great for couples that are newly engaged and need help planning all the major aspects of their wedding day.

Just like a storybook romance… two people meet then the “The Love Affair” begins.  You start dating and then realize the more time you spend together the more you start enjoying each and every moment with each other.  You’ve fallen in love; the world you around literally ceases to exist.  The moment comes when you realize you want to spend the rest of your lives together.  A dinner date has been planned at your favorite location.  As the evening winds down the love of your life gets on bended knee, pledges their love and the question “will you marry me” follows.  Of course you answer is an astounding “yes”.  Congratulations… you’re engaged! 


Now, it’s time for the wedding of your dreams to become a reality… “An Affair to Remember”.  First comes the excitement and the giddiness.  Then comes the reality… the anxiety, the pressure, and the stress.  How will you do it?  How will you handle pulling all of the pieces together and fully enjoy the process of planning your wedding so that it will be a joyous and momentous occasion?


Two words…one company "Jus Gorjus!"  With our expertise, we will help take the worry and stress out of the planning process by envisioning and anticipating your needs every step of the way.  We will work with you to help put the “bliss” back into the wedding planning process.  We can save you time, money and help alleviate some of the footwork so that you can focus on other aspects of your life such as job and family.   


We have various package selections to choose from; "Meet Me My Love; “Two Souls - Two Hearts”; and “Becoming One”.  They are not only designed to meet your needs, but to also give you the peace of mind in knowing that all of the details are covered and will come together on your “special day” so that you and your guests can sit back, relax and have fun while enjoying and treasuring your most memorable and Jus Gorjus moments.  

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