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The Company

 Jus Gorjus is a wedding and event planning company nestled in the quiet community of Berkeley, CA. We offer personal attention, professional expertise, and impeccable personalized service delivered with integrity, grace, and style. Our creativity, enthusiasm, passion and drive will make your event "an affair to remember". Whether you're planning a marriage proposal, the wedding of your dreams, anniversary, birthday party, private dinner, elegant affair or cherished milestone, we will bring your vision to reality without compromising our number one priority: stellar and superior customer service.


As parents, family members & business professionals, we understand the need for setting that special time apart for other events in our lives but not actually having the time to plan that special occasion in need of celebration. By allowing  Jus Gorjus  to manage your event from initial concept to completion, you make it possible to acquire additional time for yourself, for your family, and to also capture those memorable and Jus Gorjus moments that sometimes happens only once in a lifetime.

The Name "Jus Gorjus"

"Just Gorgeous", a term my mother always used but pronounced Just Gau-jeauz. She used it to describe something she loved; whether it was an outfit, jewelry, a purse, a hairstyle, the way you looked, a piece of furniture, etc.  She always used these two words every time she came across something amazingly beautiful.


While trying to decide on a business name, I considered this term but was not sure it was appropriate for a business name. After much conderation and thought, I enlisted the help of my sister, Aleta.   Without informing her of my ideas, I simply asked her to help me come up with a business name that had something to do with our mother.  Unbeknownst to her, she had the same idea and messaged the spelling of the name as Jus Gorjus. I absolutely loved her twist on the name. Realizing that we both had the same idea, I immediately knew that Jus Gorjus, the name, the company, my future and something my mother always wanted for me were meant to be.  

Our Mission

At Jus Gorjus we endeavor to create and deliver “An Affair to Remember” while you enjoy and treasure your most memorable and Jus Gorjus moments.  By listening to your ideas, we incorporate your vision and turn your dreams into reality while ensuring the planning process is both fun and delightful.  Not only will you feel like a guest at your event, Jus Gorjus will have exceeded your highest expectations by providing stellar and superior service from concept to completion, efficiently and elegantly.

Our Goal

Our goal is to envision and anticipate your needs in order to develop and orchestorate an event that will surpass your wildest dreams and take the worry and stress out of the planning process so that you can feel like a guest at your event. At the end of the day, Jus Gorjus want you to feel confident that we made the process easier, more efficient, and lots of fun!

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